Maxis Plan In Malaysia

Hye there, Maxis Plan In Malaysia, is biggest competitor for unifi advance plan, for me maxis is very intersthing because it not just ISP but also a telco, here official website for Maxis Plan.

Maxis is very big company for me, it can challenge telekom because they got home internet plan and they also got mobile internet plan or telco provider and can challenge celcom (biggest telco in malaysia).

This is why Maxis Plan is very famous. They can do what big company can do. They can provided home internet, they can provide wireless internet user and can provide mobile services to user.

maxis fibre win

Here is Maxis Plan for internet use, it got unlimited quota and low price if we devide 148 with 10 you get just 14.8 for 1 mbps and it very cheap.

and it got very huge coverage because the share infrastructure with Unifi fibre and of course people won’t worry to choose fibre because it quality of coverage almost same with unifi.

But if you also subscribe mobile service from maxis such as maxis one, below is maxis one package, you will get discount to use Maxis Fiber.

maxis one plan

the discount provided by maxis is you got 20 Malaysia Ringgit discount for all Package.

maxis plan

Maxis Plan In Malaysia

Unifi First Malaysia Fiber Technology

Unifi First Malaysia Fiber Technology and unifi internet for malaysian is provided by telekom malaysia as i have told you (my beloved reader) in isp and telco in Malaysia is fiber technology internet in malaysia and no 1 most customer in malaysia especially in klang valley because got huge coverage at klang valley adn just few in others state.

Unifi is faster internet for Malaysia user right now and as i told you in my last post, Unifi is expensive but actully it basic package come with speed 30 MBPS and usually i use unifi speed test to check unifi speed.

At first Unifi come with slowest speed is 5 Mbps but in December 2015 they change their tactic and just provided 30 mbps internet just for MYR 179 but it is just promotion price and have to wait next the actual price of this package.


unifi new package
Unifi New Package

Interesting right? but actually they have change their games and if you want to know they provided different speed for internet speed and download and make it more interesting they provided Hypptv which premium  tv channel for their user especially for sport lover you would like this very much because it got many sport channel either international sport or local sport.

but in these new package lack a thing that provided by unifi if we compare with old unifi package which is, unifi vip 5 mbps, unifi vip 10 mbps, unifi vip 20 mbps, they dont have free call between fixed line and fixed line here means hone phone line user which i very like it so much.

They started charged  for money if you want to buy the internet which is just 20 cent for a minute and it’s very expensive for user and for old client which client use unifi vip 5 mbps or unifi vip 10 mbps or unifi vip 20 mbps if want to upgrade their vip plan to advance plan 2 years contract to apply even they have finished their plan before and it not be like by end user.

Their internet contract will be 2 years contract and if you already use 3 years unifi vip and if you upgraded to  unifi advance 2 new years contract will be added to you.

However old unifi vip user still can use those package and no need to upgrade the package because unifi still provide those package to all of their user and do not accept new subscriber.

thank you because read this post which is Unifi First Malaysia Fiber Technology


Unifi First Malaysia Fiber Technology

Internet Service Provider and telco in malaysia

Internet Service Provider and tel-co in malaysia ok? ok for Malaysia if you already read previous post here almost everything in Malaysia is controlled by telekom Malaysia.

I can say it monopoly but for me it good monopoly by government to make sure everything government do is follow what has been government plan,

for example, in Malaysia we got three main fiber ISP which is

-Maxis Fiber


-p1 wimax (main wimax provider in Malaysia)

even All internet monopoly by Telekom Malaysia but if we see the price between these three, maxis Fiber is most cheaper

-cheaper unifi is MYR 179

-p1 cheap package is rm 116 but just 1mbps

-maxis cheap package is rm 148 come with 10 Mbps speed..WIN!!!

maxis fibre win

I Am using maxis fibre right now and i very like it, and its becoz it cheapest for me and their device is very stable and not like unifi, maxis fibre i am using for home user and for travel i am using p1 becoz it wireless and more important it got no unlimited quota and not like others wisp just provided some quota with over too much price and not stable at all and make me very mad at first.

WISP In Malaysia? or telco

i will explain top 4 telco in malaysia and their internet package

and here top 4 isp from Malaysia

malaysia top 4 telco


Which Plan i’m using? before i am going to which plan i am using right now let me introduce these for tel-co for my reader first in Malaysia and worldwide reader.

Celcom is first tel co in Malaysia and longest telekom Malaysia partner and i was using this telco since 2008 till last year package they change something which i dint like it very much.

Maxis is second tel-co in Malaysia and the first tel-co in malaysia, i was using it while i was studying high school and why? because it got very cheap sms rate and was as student prepared using sms than call somen one.

U Mobile is best for internet and i used this back then when i studied at college and it’s package just paid one time for 1 gb internet, free call for 100 minutes and 100 sms.

Digi?  yes i am using this right now, why? because it go too many internet plan, for example 12 ringgit for whatsapp and wechat, 15 ringgit for facebook and twitter and 1.5 GB for rm 20 ringgit and right now i do not worry anymore wechat whatsapp facebook and twitter chewing up my internet qouta.



Internet Service Provider and telco in malaysia

Fibre technology In Malaysia

Fibre technology In Malaysia, Here and there, people talk about 4G lte technology, and in USA or United states of america many of their netizen talk about Google Fiber that Google will provided that with free of charge, do you know actually 4G lte and Fiber internet is same technology? In usa there are too many Fiber technology. and do you know actually In Malaysia we only got a company that responsibility to provided this technology?

Telekom Malaysia? ,here is website for Telekom Malaysia, this Link, telekom Malaysia is GLC or goverment linked company where they have been the monopoly all networking infrastructure in Malaysia.

for example if Malaysia company Like Maxis Digi or celcom want to use fibre cable to enable their LTE access point, they have to ask telekom Malaysia to do that, from cabling to the access point.

malaysia telco

Malaysia Telco list in Malaysia.

Celcom will be the one will chose their device they want, access point,cable and others, but telekom malaysia will commit it, where they connected all that celcom cable to their main infrastructure.

and for now actually all internet in malaysia already use fiber, but usually telekom wont use fiber technology to end user, because they still need 3g technology.



Fibre technology In Malaysia